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Gates, Jobs & Zuckerberg: Comic Book Heroes Now

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 in Books, Technology

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He can’t leap tall buildings. Nor is he faster than a speeding train. But, Bill Gates joins Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg as a comic book hero. Blue Water Productions brought Jobs and Zuckerberg to cartoon life in 2011. Now, it’s Gates.

How good are the comics? Are they worth a look?

What’s in the Three Comic Books?

Text-heavy, all three bring you the life and times of the pioneers and their work. The comics lay out the biographies of Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg. Juxtaposed are the histories of Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Important events in the lives of the three men and their companies are highlighted.

The comics also covers their childhood, personality and motivations. There are comic book analyses of what made them successful and what makes them tick.

What Else?

The stories told in these comics are sanitized and non-controversial. Not much negative in here. In some ways, they could well be written by somebody in PR in Microsoft, Apple or Facebook.

However, that does not make them less interesting. Eight years ago Facebook opened as a Web site. In the distant past of the 1970′s and 1980′s Jobs and Gates were remaking the world– how it worked, learned and played. Whether you were not paying attention or are hazy about the whole thing, these comics give you the stories of three men at the forefront who rewrote our jobs and our lives today.

That makes these comics worth a read.

All three are available in paperback and Kindle editions. On Kindle, they are priced from $3.99 to $5.99.

For the die-hard Jobs fans, there’s also another comic, The Zen of Steve Jobs published by Wiley. This one, is more philosophical: it talks about Jobs’ conversion to Buddhism and his relationship with a Zen master, and the evolution of Jobs and his psyche.

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